Why the Hibiscus as a logo for Hypnosis?

Two reasons... First, I had the picture and found it pretty. Second, the hibiscus represents what hypnosis can achieve in your life.

Did you know that the hibiscus flower lasts only one day? But if you look at a healthy hibiscus tree, there is always new flowers to replace the fallen ones. Although it looses flowers regularly, it always looks beautiful and full of flowers. The same can be achieved in your life with the help of hypnosis. Life is not perfect and some situations can be more demanding and even, for a short period of time, throw you off-balance, not unlike the hibiscus flower that seams to have fallen prematurely from the tree . Thanks to hypnosis, though, you will always be able to see yourself as the hibiscus tree with all the flowers in any given day. You will face life as the well-balanced and fully blossomed special person that you are and enjoy a new found Perfect Harmony.